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The ones who made it out



est. 2020

Maya has no relation to the zodiac killer…Yet.

Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 2.18.16 PM.png


est. 2020

Xavier Valdez is, in fact, a boy who can do both. He's not quite sure what "both" are, but he assures you he CAN do them, and will do them at a level of quality you find at least mildly adequate.

Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 9.14.26 PM.png


est. 2020

Asher is watching you read this right now. Look up. Did I get you? I’m not watching you read my bio right now that would be insane… Or am I? Anyways Asher Wolf is an omniscient being who has ascended from the astral realm. One thing Asher loves is a baked potato. Bring a baked potato to any of Asher’s show and they’ll be so ecstatic. Do it. You won’t look like a total idiot I swear.


est. 2021

Alex’s favorite after school hobby? Building a better community. Alex’s favorite snack? The fruits of his labor. Number of times Alex has sung “Hey There Delilah” to his second grade crush? I don’t know man why would you even ask that? Now you know who this jokester really is: just a boy with a lil bit of that good good T spirit. Fight on everybody!


est. 2021

At a young age, Maddi knew she wanted to be a lawyer… but when she found out that was too impractical, she decided to go a more realistic approach: sketch comedy. Unfortunately, she had to split genes with her twin brother, so she’s about 1/2 as funny as she could be (thanks Alex). But what she lacks in potential she makes up for in spirit. Maddi owns way too many overalls (three pairs to be exact), but has finally upgraded her outfits to Suspenders!!

Alexandra Ornes Headshot .jpeg


est. 2022

Alexandra is addicted to Dr. Pepper! That’s not a joke! It’s crippling and it has ripped apart her family! She lost her children in the custody battle because of it! 


est. 2018

Born at a young age, JT Garcia spent the early years of his life being indoctrinated into the cult of Texas. Once he realized he was too short to be in the NBA, he decided to dedicate his life to the artistic study and relentless pursuit of acting. He somehow ended up in a College Sketch Comedy troupe instead. His greatest fear is being cast in an erectile disfunction ad, and his greatest dream is being cast as the guy who just can’t seem to clean the kitchen without making a mess in an informercial. He would like to thank his parents for making him better looking than his older brother. He hopes you come see the shows, follows the Suspenders on Instagram and Tik Tok, and hopes he is remembered for always walking that fine line between funny and pitiful. XOXO, Gossip Garcia.


est. 2019

In love with Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron BUT NOT IN A WEIRD WAY.


est. 2019

Alex is an Australian with a heart of gold searching for that big break in the city of Angels. The road has been tough but Alex is gonna persevere through the help of his friends and animal sidekick, a bonobo named Susan. Once Alex almost let the success get to his head. He became lost in the ritz and glamour of fame, and almost risked alienating himself from his friends and Susan. But luckily he was able to rediscover that young Aussie boy with a dream and stay true to who he is. This conflict came to a head when Alex abandoned the techno-pop image his label had forced onto him and delivered an original acoustic rendition of his hit single to the stadium audience. A clear symbol that he hasn’t lost sight of who he is. God bless America.


est. 2019

Adele is the pride and joy of the Suspenders. She is the bestest. No, Adele did not write this. This was written by the other members who just adore Adele so much they had to put into words here. Please don’t take this down.

Clare Web.jpg


est. 2021

Clare purchased 25 pounds of beans today...How many did you purchase?


est. 2021

Nia’s only personality traits include being from DC, unironically listening to Unwritten in the rain, and giving elaborate house tours


est. 2021

Rae is not afraid of bees. She is allergic, but like, if she dies she dies you know?


est. 2021

Oh hey, didn’t see you there! Trevor VanAuken is a Texan who loves long walks on the beach. He’s a first grade teacher on weekend mornings and a velociraptor enthusiast at night. On occasion he lends his silky baritone voice to the Trojan Men A Cappella group. As a kid he planned on making a career out of Minecraft streaming but decided to invest in his practical backup plan of sketch comedy! That’s where the REAL money is, Trevor said.



Arturo is..... doing well, how are you? He is a stage management student and producer for the Suspenders. He will also leave you in suspense about his other credentials as he doesn't like talking in the third person. Rather, feel free to see his website at to find out who he is and how to hire him. 



Neha got hit by a car making a right turn outside of the Starbucks at the Flower Street intersection in December of 2019 and has since started holding direct eye contact with drivers as she crosses the street.



Ana is SOooOoooOo quirky. I’m talking MAXIMUM quirky. She rollerskates! Case and point. Ana also has an unhealthy obsession with Ratatouille.



Dylan Field is anywhere between 5'4" - 5'11" depending on the day. Don't get him started on comic books. Textbook dweeb.



Jillian Maria Ruvalcaba:
-Obsessed with SpongeBob
-From Georgia
-A little boy at heart
-Scared of authority
-Directed the Suspenders her senior year




Henry was the longest-standing member of the Suspenders. Since the troupe’s humble beginnings, he has stumbled his way through seven live shows—only missing four for a two year leave of absence. Whether it’s wearing heels or exposing himself on stage, Henry is willing to subject himself to nearly anything for a sketch.



Natalie is for sure busy. Don’t even try contacting her. Seriously, she cannot physically read another email. She has a permanent blue light migraine, but she smiles through it. She is passionate about New York style bagels and hopes to one day settle down with Episode III Anakin Skywalker, although she admittedly wasn’t offended by his rat tail braid from Episode II either. Don’t tell anyone she said that.



Austin Peay used to be in The Suspenders. Eventually he wants to go to law school or get involved in politics. He hopes nothing he ever did with this group jeopardizes that, though most likely it will.



Admitted to the Suspenders his sophomore year, Keith Herrmann wrote all kinds of crazy sketches for the troupe before being shockingly and ruthlessly kicked to the curb after his graduation. While he is currently trying to make it in the wild world of TV development, he still considers himself a Suspender at heart. (The Suspenders have made no comment.)



Evan Macedo smells like 1994 Tom Hanks and looks like a Jewish Pete Davidson. His greatest accomplishment occurred September 22, 2019 *cue ominous music*.



I already know everybody and they mama put a joke in their bios so I'll cut to the chase and give to you in list form: 1) I'm a gemini. That means nothing to me but maybe to y'all? 2) I'm hella dope. 3) It was honor being on the Suspenders for four years, culminating in me being the Technical Director during my senior year. We made some real funny sketches over that time and I can't wait to see the troupe's future. 4) I'm still writing and acting so keep a look out for the name.



Judy was in Suspenders from 2017 until she graduated in 2019. She's gone missing since then, but we're not going to go look for her. Good riddance



Theo Buckwald used to be in the Suspenders. He is currently on the run for arson, bribing a government official, and gambling in the state of Minnesota. If you see him please call the police.



Ammaar Tajani was the first round draft pick during 2018-2019 season. He is currently doing dentistry stuff but if you want to help him pivot towards writing he has writing samples he can send you.



After graduating, Colin did the funniest thing he could think of and joined Corporate America. Which is great, the money he makes writing corporate cartoons and press releases lets him cover the check at any diner on the eastern seaboard despite his incessant need to always order "flapjacks for the table." If you need to find him, he's probably in your local Flaming Lips tribute band playing the drums so out of the pocket that he's somehow found himself back in the pocket.



Olivia Tapia is originally from Palo Alto, CA and graduated from USC in 2019 with a degree in Business/Cinematic Arts and a minor in Public Relations.



Angie is the funniest person in the troupe. She had the honor of joining The Suspenders in 2016, and graduated in 2019 as a Co-Director. She was known for always crying during warmups, squatting like a gremlin, and having the biggest tits. Now she's in the real world doing VO work, film, and is becoming dangerously famous.



Margaret wanted to join The Suspenders after she watched Bennett Saltzman do something stupid on stage in “Dirty Dozen”. She said, “Wow, I want to spend every evening of my precious college days doing that…with these people!” So she did, and tricked her The Suspenders into thinking she was funny.

Now, she spends her post-grad days talking to strangers, bleep-blooping on her computer, and speaking up occasionally in team meetings. She works in sales because she likes money but still spends her mornings watching comedy to make her case of the Mondays go away. Margaret spends her days outside of work writing comedy, making herself laugh, (and her friends pretend laugh), with her jokes. It’s a good life. Wanna read her stuff? Say yes.



Mattie Bayne is trying her best.



Chasen spends his free time battling the post-grad ennui and eating for two in his modest Southern California home



Bennett is not dead. Yet.



LaRose is so proud of her baby Suspenders! As the first producer to take on the challenge of taming this wacky group, she is so excited to see this legacy flourish! Keep it up my loves! (Seriously, keep being amazing so people think I'm successful after graduation! Thanks y'all)



Chai Karve was one of the first Suspenders staff writers and set the exceptionally bar low. Today, he lives in DC and is a professional political hack, amateur stand-up comedian, and part-time mannequin at JCrew.



Charlie is a classically trained giraffe handler who spends most of his time eating blueberry waffles and listening to Sting. He was in the Suspenders from 2016 - 2017 in which time he was able to convince the troupe to do eleven separate sketches about Hitler. He somehow obtained a degree and now works in comedy management at Brillstein Entertainment Partners. His favorite song is Happy Birthday.



Miya Kodama is an actress and writer based in Los Angeles, CA. Her credits include: The 2018 CBS Sketch Comedy Diversity Showcase, Where Cards Fall (Apple), SOLVE (Snapchat), and Grey's Anatomy (ABC). You can usually find her elbow deep in a bag of Hot Cheetos.



Kyle's mother tells him that he’s very funny and talented. Obviously, she’d never lie to him.



Born in the city of Marseille, France in 1784, David "Buveaur D'Eau" Jarrell spent his early days rigging the sails aboard the Duc de Dantzig, which readied him for life among the French corsairs. Once coerced into the Napoleonic Wars, Jarrell set sail for the Mediterranean, soon to escape hardships of privateering on behalf of the French crown. With nowhere to go, no crew at his side, and nothing to drink but water, Jarrell eventually dropped anchor in the Americas to begin a life on vaudeville. His quick wit and miming of his days at sea were a hit amongst the common folk. This led to his crowning achievement; being cast in the Suspenders at USC.



Cece Lucero-Trask is so grateful to have been a Suspender! Since graduating she has continued to pursue writing and performing and is always working to expand her knowledge and ability as a filmmaker. She and her writing partner (and fellow Suspenders alum), Tuesday Grant, have created a sketch comedy channel, Not Spicy Enough, where they release weekly content. Most days, you can find her buried in blankets on her couch writing her latest script with her big ol' dog laying on her lap.



Tuesday grant is an actor/writer/editor/idiot based in LA. She releases sketch comedy with her work-wife and fellow Suspenders alum Cece Lucero-Trask on their YouTube channel Not Spicy Enough (please subscribe please she’s begging you). She was the first female director of The Suspenders and also the stinkiest. Her claim to fame is being in a lifetime movie. She has been celibate for one year. Against her will.


2018 - 2022

Ruby does NOT have bangs because of a mental breakdown, but because she is scared of her forehead. She is directing the troupe this year- PLEASE no eye contact.


2019 - 2022

Annie cannot eat bread, so she’s exactly as annoying as you’d think.



When she isn’t playing Pokémon Go or Genshin Impact, Suspenders alumn Grace makes sweet sweet melodies for you to enjoy on whatever streaming platform you listen. She goes by Grace Kay because Korkunis doesn’t sound as edgy.



Daniel Rashid is an actor, writer, director and producer. In addition to being a founding member of The Suspenders, he was also the first sound designer. Legend says his mash up of "The Mickey Mouse Club House Theme Song" with Kanye West's "Gold Digger" still echoes through the halls of the Massman Theater. @danielrashid



Marc Rosenzweig is a Jewish kid from the Bible Belt. He co-founded the Suspenders while at USC, and is a proud Trojan alum. Marc is the co-founder of Trifecta Comedy and Zephyr Entertainment. He continues to write, produce, and direct digital comedic sketches and his work has been featured by SketchFest Seattle, WhoHaha, and Funny or Die. Marc has written a collection of pilots, low-budget horror films and short films, which have won awards at several festivals including the Houston Comedy Film Festival. As a director and a producer, Marc's projects have screened at festivals all over the country including Slamdance, Northeast Horror Film Festival, Crypticon Seattle, and Worldfest Houston.



A founding member of the Suspenders, Zach's comedy style in the troupe could best be described as "Oh. Aww. Uhm. Ok then." His time at USC was cut short when he transferred to a college in New England to escape the overwhelming advances of one Chasen Washington. He currently lives in Denver, pretending to do science for a defense contractor. His hobbies include outdoor activities, interactions in crosswalks, and going on bad dates. His dislikes include using the third person, cilantro, and people. "I'm a star."



Isaac Jay originated in the city of Santa Fe, NM where unfortunately he never opened up a rest-au-rant. He did meet Walter White once at a science fair and thought the blue rocks were really cool rock candy, although very expensive. He can’t tell you much about the next couple days. At USC, his senior year he was a founding member of the Suspenders, but you probably already deduced his participation as you’re on their website. Unless you stumbled upon this page as a glitch in the Matrix 0_o. Post-grad Isaac has appeared in a few films and stage productions. If you care to know which, feel free to Google him, it boosts his StarMeter, a pointless ranking system on IMDB. While Isaac loves to do comedy, he is often given the part of straight man and wonders if he’s actually funny or simply an overly dramatic device inserted into a bit, to show how funny everyone else is... In the future, Isaac appears in several films, is nominated for an Emmy but loses to the CGI version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and is lauded for his brief appearance in a revival of Equus as the horse’s tail, one critic will call it a hair-raising swisher of a performance. Isaac is a member of Sag-Aftra.



Taubert is thinking about acting in something, maybe possibly writing a script, probably going to direct a new short sometime soon, and (unlike when he shared his mind-blowing producing talents with the Suspenders), he's definitely going to let other people produce all of those things.



Elena is a girl. She graduated in 2017. She worked at Anonymous Content for a year before becoming the Writers Asst for Hulu’s Four Wedding’s and a Funeral. She’s now Mindy Kaling’s assistant. She’s currently loving Stath Lets Flats and orange lipstick.



Dom founded the Suspenders in 2014 with one mission - create a group that could have fun and follow their dreams by “suspending their disbelief.”

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