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Auditions are Aug 31st & Sep 1st
Callbacks will be sep 3rd


Schedule an audition time and prepare one of the monologues below:

Submit two original sketches here:

Please submit a short comedic short story, sketch, screenplay, or stage play 

Audition FAQs:

Who can audition?
Any current USC student is more than welcome to audition! Whether you’re majoring in Acting or Gerontology- we want all of ya’.

What will the audition look like?
During the performer audition, we will have you perform your selected monologue, then play a short improv game with you!

Can I apply for both performer and writer roles?
Absolutely! We will note: no matter what, everybody gets to learn to write once they’re a Suspender -  performers and writers alike! 

All the audition slots filled up! What do I do?
Don’t panic! Just email and we will get back to you to see if we can find a solution!
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