est. 2018

Ruby does NOT have bangs because of a mental breakdown, but because she is scared of her forehead. She is directing the troupe this year- PLEASE no eye contact.

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est. 2018

Born at a young age, JT Garcia spent the early years of his life being indoctrinated into the cult of Texas. Once he realized he was too short to be in the NBA, he decided to dedicate his life to the artistic study and relentless pursuit of acting. He somehow ended up in a College Sketch Comedy troupe instead. His greatest fear is being cast in an erectile disfunction ad, and his greatest dream is being cast as the guy who just can’t seem to clean the kitchen without making a mess in an informercial. He would like to thank his parents for making him better looking than his older brother. He hopes you come see the shows, follows the Suspenders on Instagram and Tik Tok, and hopes he is remembered for always walking that fine line between funny and pitiful. XOXO, Gossip Garcia.


est. 2019

In love with Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron BUT NOT IN A WEIRD WAY.


est. 2019

Alex is an Australian with a heart of gold searching for that big break in the city of Angels. The road has been tough but Alex is gonna persevere through the help of his friends and animal sidekick, a bonobo named Susan. Once Alex almost let the success get to his head. He became lost in the ritz and glamour of fame, and almost risked alienating himself from his friends and Susan. But luckily he was able to rediscover that young Aussie boy with a dream and stay true to who he is. This conflict came to a head when Alex abandoned the techno-pop image his label had forced onto him and delivered an original acoustic rendition of his hit single to the stadium audience. A clear symbol that he hasn’t lost sight of who he is. God bless America.


est. 2019

Adele is the pride and joy of the Suspenders. She is the bestest. No, Adele did not write this. This was written by the other members who just adore Adele so much they had to put into words here. Please don’t take this down.


est. 2019

Annie cannot eat bread, so she’s exactly as annoying as you’d think.


est. 2020

Arturo is..... doing well, how are you? He is a stage management student and producer for the Suspenders. He will also leave you in suspense about his other credentials as he doesn't like talking in the third person. Rather, feel free to see his website at to find out who he is and how to hire him. 

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est. 2021

Clare purchased 25 pounds of beans today...How many did you purchase?